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European Youth in 2016

The European Parliament has published new statistics on various aspects of young people's lives.

Between the 9th and 25th April 2016, a Eurobarometer survey was conducted among 10,294 young Europeans in the 28 Member States. The objective of the poll was, among other things, to cover the fields of action identified in theYouth Strategy.


Published on the eve of the 2016 European Youth Event (EYE2016), the Eurobarometer survey finds that more than half of young Europeans aged 16-30 feel marginalised in their own country due to the economic crisis, but few want to move abroad. Nevertheless, for almost all respondents, it is important to learn about the EU and how its institutions work.


A significant proportion of young people say online social networks represent progress for democracy. Very large numbers of young Europeans have adopted daily practices to protect the environment and combat climate change.


Read more: http://bit.ly/1TFTU0w 

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