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EU Youth Conference 2012 in Cyprus

© Fotolia.com - Aaron Amat
© Fotolia.com - Aaron Amat
The third phase of the Structured Dialogue cycle on the "Participation of young people in democratic life" focused on "Youth participation and social inclusion".

CY EU Youth and DG Conference 2012


From 11 to 12 September 2012, over 100 youth delegates (from current and aspiring EU countries, the European Youth Forum and international youth NGOs) got together with senior officials from national youth groups in Nicosia, Cyprus, to discuss how youth participation can promote the social inclusion of young people.


The workshops highlighted the importance of young people – and especially their representative organisations – taking part in decision making, as an important factor for the creation of inclusive, democratic and prosperous societies.


This conference marked the third and final phase of the 18-month cycle of Structured Dialogue on the "Participation of young people in democratic life".