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Checkliste für die Reisevorbereitung
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Travel Preparation Checklist

We all know this feeling: you're finally on your way, and you keep worrying whether you've really remembered everything you need to take. Our checklist helps make sure that you won't forget anything important.

Questions to ask well before your date of departure:

# Are all my identity papers in date and valid?
# Do I have a European Health Insurance Card and/or travel health insurance?
# Do I need any vaccinations?
# Do I need travel funds (local currency, traveller's cheques etc.)?
# Whom do I need to inform in case of an emergency? Who should have my spare keys or phone number?
# Who will look after my pets? Who will water my plants? Who will empty my letterbox?


Things to consider when packing:

# Do I have all the relevant papers (ID card or passport, visa if required, driving licence, tickets, international student card, international youth hostelling card, insurance papers etc.)?
# What medicines should I take? What type of sunscreen?
# Do I need an adaptor plug?
# Do I need glasses or contact lenses?
# What's the climate like? What kind of clothing do I need to take?
# Do I need a travel guide and/or a dictionary?
# What electronic equipment do I want to take? Camera, mp3 player, mobile/cell phone...?
# How long is the journey? How much food and drink do I need to take?

Last check before departure:

# Have I definitely packed ticket(s), passport/ID card, money, driving licence etc.?
# Have I printed out all important travel documents and have I stored them somewhere on the Internet?
# Have I checked my mobile/cell phone settings for roaming?
# Have I emptied refrigerator and dustbin?
# Have I switched off (and disconnected where possible) all electrical appliances?
# Are all the doors and windows shut/locked?