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10 Tips to quit smoking

Straßenszene mit drei Jugendlichen die rauchen
© Flickr, Meral Crifasi
It is not an easy task to quit smoking! These 10 tips might help you.

#1 Note, in what situations you grab for a cigarette – avoid these situations consciously!


#2 Tell as many people as possible, that you want to quit smoking. This allows your friends to support you and also it increases the pressure.


#3 Get many things, to keep you your hands busy, such as marbles.


#4 Drink as much as possible! Always have a glass of water or juice at hand.


#5 Have a chewing gum or candies ready, because in a full mouth, the cigarette has no place.


#6 Celebrate the last cigarette!


#7 avoid stress! It's best to put the farewell to the smoking existence in a stress-free time.


#8 Adjust your diet. Many who become nonsmokers, also have to contend with additional pounds. Do not replace the cigarettes with chocolate. But do not try to simultaneously slim and quit smoking either. Two tackle such hard endeavors  at once, is too high a burden for most people.


#9 Treat yourself! The money you safe, by eliminating the cigarettes, you should use to pamper yourself!


#10 Prevent relapses! Write down your main reasons for quitting on a piece of paper. Carry it always with you and get it out of the bag when you realize that you're going to break down.