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Apps against smoking

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Who is determined to quit smoking, can get a motivational push with a couple of apps.

There are several Non smoking apps in the app stores - either free or for a few euros. Most of the programs motivate smokers in the days and weeks after smoking to persevere. Some apps display periodically reports of success. Other apps focus more on the health progress and indicate, for example, how well  lung or heart have already recovered without nicotine or tar.


Another important factor: how much money do I save by quitting? Therefore many apps indicate, how much money you can save without the constant purchase of cigarette packs. In some programs, you can even enter, how you want to treat yourself sometime.


We have compiled you a few free apps:



The Nonsmoker-Coach

counts how many days you persevered, which pollutants you saved your body, and how much money you've saved. With emergency card for relapse.


Exsmokers iCoach

gives you tips to stop smoking every day, access to advice, tailored feedback and tools. The built-in panic button helps you get through those tricky moments when the urge to smoke is strongest.



shows your current status: how much time has passed since the last cigarette in your life, how many cigarettes you have avoided since, how much money you've saved.



calculates on the basis of your former smoking habits (cigarettes per day, tar, and the time of quitting) how much you've saved, how many cigarettes you have not smoked and how long you kept up.

Published: Wed, 30/04/2014 - 10:51

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