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The slow food movement

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Slow indulgence instead of fast convenience food, regional specialties instead of globalized standard taste and traditional production methods instead of industrial mass production. All of this is slow food. If you want to know more, keep reading!

The slow food movement was initiated in 1986 in Italy as a counter movement to fast food. The main focus of the movement is the quality and enjoyment of regional and seasonal products that are manufactured in a traditional method. The members have the goal to make sustainable, fair and healthy food available to many people and to support the production of environmentally friendly and sustainable foods.


To achieve these goals the slow food network gets involved politically to fight against the predominance of multinational companies and industrial agriculture. On a regional level they organize manifestations, public cook-events, workshops, dinners with producers and food fairs. For example they collect food that would normally be thrown away from farmers and cook it in so called “Disco Soups”. Or they get involved to promote better food in cafeterias.


And how can I participate?

You can find upcoming events, news and regional slow food groups in your city under Practical advice how to follow the slow food principles in everyday life are given under

Published: Mon, 28/04/2014 - 12:28

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