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Eurodesk passport photo competition 2013

Our photo contest is finished - the winners have been announced. Numerous photos of the passport have reached us from around the world. Take a look at our video, an see, where the Youth Portal has traveled.

"Limitless underway" - this was the motto of our photo contest. The only condition: the passport cover with the logo of the Youth Portal had to be in the photograph. Whether Sicily or Norway, Turkey or Malta: you have submitted great photos from around the world ! See here our winner photos:


And here are the winning images:

Winner in the category " Overall impression" : Kirsten with her image from Norway














The image of the floating passport cover has arisen in Norway, on an in September already partially frozen lake. This is the starting point for the hike to the highest peak in Northern Europe , the Galdhøpiggen .



Winner of the 'Most Popular Picture " : Becca with her image Post from Norway















The picture was taken in Alta, located in the north of Norway. "Currently, I am experiencing what it means to be limitless because I can study in Norway without any major problems and difficulties. The image symbolizes the boundlessness I find out here", she says.

Winner in the category " Passport & Art " : Euro Trip Summer with her picture post "The sound of wanderlust"













Planning & dreaming of summer 2014.

Winner in the category "most unusual subject" : Anna with her picture contribution from Malta













Boundlessness ? Not for everyone! Refugee center in Malta


Winner of the special category " Best Picture of Germany " : Ida with her picture contribution from Germany












"The image of the awakening industrial facility was built in the morning in my home town Jena, which I will leave in a few weeks for a year. For me the image shows the seemingly limitless progress of Europe, which yet needs to be improved in many areas for young Europeans - the environment, renewable energy, sustainability ..."


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