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Multicultural Media

Medienangebote multikulturell
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On TV, on the Web, on the radio – intercultural programs are all about migration and integration. These programs not only cater for migrants, but also enable German citizens to experience other cultures.


 "forum am freitag" (Friday forum) broadcasts on Friday mornings on ZDF. It provides an opportunity for Muslims in Germany to talk about their experiences, their everyday life and their religion.

On the Web

Vaybee is a Turkish community on the Internet. Users can utilize the portal for networking and to obtain information about Turkish music, news and much more.

MiGAZIN is an independent online magazine dealing with all kinds of subjects concerning integration and migration in Germany. You can, for example, find a German language condensed version of the European edition of Turkish daily newspapers. 

On the Radio

"Funkhaus Europa" is an international, intercultural radio station. It offers "Global Sounds" as well as magazine programs in the native languages of most major migratory groups. It is available to people in North-Rhine Westphalia, Bremen, Berlin and Brandenburg.


Every Sunday at 13:05, Bavarian Radio (Bayerischer Rundfunk) broadcasts the "Intercultural Magazine". Background stories, reports, interviews and portraits that focus on migration, integration and cultural diversity provide an insight into the multifaceted variety of people living in Germany today.    

Published: Thu, 20/03/2014 - 13:46

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