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Dobrodružství Evropské dobrovolné služby

Volunteer work in Europe in exchange for food and accommodation

The European Voluntary Service gives you the chance to go abroad for a few months and work in an NGO or a state funded organization for no salary. The costs will be covered by the grant program Youth in Action


  • Who can apply

Anybody in the age range 18 - 30 (exceptionally 16-30) can become a volunteer. The projects usually last from 2 to 12 months.


  • Types of work

There are different kinds of volunteer work. You can take part in ecological projects, development programs or work with children and youth. It all depends on your interests and experiences.


  • Who pays for it

As a volunteer, you will have accommodation, food, pocket money, language course and health insurance covered. You will also get 90 % of your travel costs reimbursed. The European Voluntary Service is financed from the EU grant program Youth in Action.


  • How to find the sending and host organization

If you want to become a volunteer, you need to find a sending organization in your country which will prepare you for the project. To find a host organization, use the database of volunteer projects from the whole of Europe.


  • Database of free places for European volunteers abroad

There are portals assembling current offers of free places for volunteers. The most famous one is YouthNetworks.

Tips on other organizations: INEX SDA Youth for EuropeTandem Plzeň,  server OTLAS, aktuality na Eurodesku.


  • Volunteers’ experiences

The publication Experience Europe! gives you the chance to read about the experiences from the European Voluntary Service.


  • EU grant program Youth in Action

You can find detailed information about European Voluntary Service on the web pages of the Youth in Action program.