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wolfgangfoto, 2007 CC BY-ND 2.0
wolfgangfoto, 2007 CC BY-ND 2.0

Raise your hand if you can help

Creative leaflets, book translation, programming, new logo. This is what Czech and Slovakian NGOs want. What do volunteers-professionals have to offer?

Um sem um tam is a Czech internet project offering short term professional volunteer opportunities in the non-governmental sector. The project unites NGOs looking for help with a professional problem such as designing a leaflet, legal counseling, advice with social network campaign, proofreading, programming are involved in the project. They are often short of professionals for such a specific task and hiring an external expert is quite costly.


That’s when a professional comes into play. A person who has a job, a qualification and knowledge. This person would like to do some volunteering but doesn’t have the time and energy for it. Thanks to Um sem um tam, they don’t have to throw away their suits and high heels and go plant trees. They can be a great help to NGOs if they give them a few hours of their time doing what they are good at.


Um sem um tam is a space where offer meets demand for professional volunteer work. The Um sem um tam project was born in March 2012 during the Social Innovation Camp in Brno. Being a volunteer is easier than you think.