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Cyprus in a glance! Reasons for visiting Cyprus….

Do you want to know why Cyprus is one of the most attractive destinations of the Mediterranean? Here you will find out of the many things you can do and the places you can visit during your stay in Cyprus…always depending on what you are into.

Explore your options in Cyprus depending on what type of person you are…


Adventurous and Sports type


You can satisfy your adventurous nature by enjoying the various water-sports available in Cyprus like the diving classes ( where you can visit the Zenobia Wreck Diving site which is one of the top ten diving sites internationally), Bangee Jumping, Sea Cave exploration in Ayia Napa, Sailing, visit the various water-parks island wide, kayaking, safari in the Akamas Peninsula, fishing and many more.



Nature Lover/Naturalist


If you are a nature lover/naturalist you must meet  the beautiful nature of Cyprus by participating in organized cycling exhibitions on the island in beautiful locations, hike the beautiful Akamas or Troodos areas by participating in long walks and hikes, and if you are a wine lover you should follow the wine routes.


If you are ‘chilled out’ personality and you love the seaside, the beach and the sun…


…then you are in the right place. Cyprus has 57 of the cleanest beaches/sea sites awarded with the blue flag. Depending on where you decide to have your holiday on the island, you will find beaches to suit all tastes.





Do you enjoy learning about the ancient culture and history of the country you are visiting? Then you should definitely explore the archaeological sites and monuments, visit the museums and galleries and discover the cultural routes designed for all tastes.





Do you enjoy going to traditional festivals and events? Join the local  people and drink plenty of wine in the "Wine Festival" in early September in Limassol, dress up and dance in the streets to the Carnival in Limassol, get entertained and sing in the "Festival of the Flood" (Holy Spirit) in Larnaka and enjoy various festivals and events in Nicosia, Paphos, Ayia Napa and Paralimni. And to fill your heart with wonderful fragrances, do not miss the "Festival of the Roses" in the village of Agros.



Gourmand/ Food Enthusiast


If you enjoy trying out international food and foreign cuisines, then welcome to the gastronomic journey called Cyprus cuisine…and to start the journey into the flavors, check the guide ... and have a nice meal!


and finally…


Clubber/Bar Hopper


Do you enjoy experiencing the nightlife of a country you visit? Nightclubs and late nights out? Do you enjoy bar hopping and checking out interesting venues? Check the nightlife guide and see what is available out there for you party people!


No matter what type of person you are and what interests you, you will definitely enjoy your time in Cyprus!!!