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Daedalus Career and Employment Mobility Portal for Young People!

Do you want to search for job opportunities in the Med-Europe but you don’t know how? Do you wish to find the most suitable employee for you Company? Then Daedalus is the solution!

Daedalus, the euro-meDiterranean cAreer & Employment aDvisor portAl for the mobiLity of yoUng residentS is a technologically enhanced tool with the aim of matching labor market demand and supply. Daedalus’ social vision is to contribute to the reduction of unemployment in the Mediterranean Basin.  


Aim of Daedalus Platform:


  • Daedalus’ aim is to allow young people, entrepreneurs, ICT companies, online businesses, regional and local employment associations to connect with a cross-border platform.
  • The goal of this cross-border platform is the match of labor market demand and supply and to provide a valuable pool of young people and professionals across the Mediterranean area for its labor market.
  • To help young people to find a job or other opportunity in Europe.


How you can use Daedalus:   


The use of Daedalus Online Platform is open and free. So everyone can use Daedalus. You can visit the website of Daedalus and create your own personal account. You can sign in as a company that search for suitable employee or as an individual person that search a job opportunity abroad. 


If you Sign Up as an individual person, you can create your own curriculum vitae. You can develop your own Daedalus Profile and enrich it with audio-visual tools that will indicate your studies, your knowledge, and your future professional goals. With this profile you would be able to submit your interest for a job vacancy.      


In case you Sign Up as a Company, then you would be able to upload job vacancies, including the needed qualifications, job duties and any other important details for your company and the specific job vacancy.


When Daedalus Online Platform will be ready for Use 


It is very important to mention that Daedalus Online Platform is under development and it will be completed in December 2015. Therefore Daedalus will be ready for use on January 2016. However, you can sign in with Daedalus Platform at any time, even today, and create your curriculum vitae and get useful information on how you can upload any job vacancy.  


The Daedalus project is funded under the 2007-2013 ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme, a multilateral Cross-Border Cooperation initiative part of the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI).