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Non – Formal Education in Cyprus

Non-Formal Education is a new form of education in Europe and Cyprus, that wants to promote education in a new way of learning. Learn how!


What is Non-Formal Education?

Formal Education is provided and distributed by formal educational institutions, such as governmental schools or private schools. Informal learning is related to the learning through the daily life activities such as family and work.


Non-formal education is a well-organized and interesting educational process that is not provided via a formal educational institution. Participation is optional, and you will definitely have an active role if you decide to participate, as you will be expected to participate in the learning process. 

This is how you will ‘learn by doing’. You will learn new things about yourself, your skills and abilities. You will be educated through a fun, interesting and unique way.



Is Non-Formal Education recognized in Cyprus?

While the most European countries have recognized Non-Formal Education, in Cyprus this has not been achieved yet. However, a lot of effort has been made for the verification of a framework that will enable the recognition of non-formal education. Cyprus is in touch with European news and policy for achieving this purpose.


Youth in Action Programme and Non-Formal Education

The Youth in Action Programme is based on the main aim to correspond to the needs of young people. It therefore seeks to enhance and promote the opportunities that young people have for non formal education and informal education.


Hence, there are Youth in Action programs that promote education process in a unique environment, accomplished by professional learning educators such as youth pass trainers and usually work with specific target groups. In Cyprus you can find youth pass trainers with the help of Salto Youth

Published: Thu, 19/09/2013 - 16:53

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