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Euro-Med brings youth together

Ever thought of linking your NGO with a partner in North Africa, Turkey or the Middle East? The Euro-Med platform will help you find partners for youth projects and exchange experiences.

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Join the Europe and the Mediterranean platform as a partner organisation, and get in touch with partners from any of the 35 countries in the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. Other NGOs will be able to find you too.

The main aim of the Euro-Med Youth Platform is to bring NGOs from the two regions together to network and exchange experiences

SALTO-YOUTH enhances EuroMed Youth cooperation.


If you are a Swiss resident, contact Youth in Action Switzerland for further clarifications.


What’s happening?

Serap Yeter from Turkey says,

I believe that showing young people [in Turkey] that there is something more besides our everyday life and job will improve their lives through getting to know people from other countries, cultures and religions, and realising that we can all co-exist and collaborate for a better future. [Turkey] is the connection point between Asia and Europe, young people in Turkey have many things in common with other young people in European Union countries, as well as in Mediterranean countries.

Paskelbta: Pn, 03/05/2013 - 13:30

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