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Start you own sustainable business in natural resource management!

The cewas Start-up Programme offers comprehensive training to young graduates and motivated entrepreneurs-to-be, that want to put sustainable business ideas in the fields of sanitation, water and natural resource management into practice.

Are you dreaming of being your own boss and full of ideas on how to change the world of water, sanitation and natural resource management?

Are you longing to develop and implement your own business ideas but are equally concerned about the environment and the sustainable development of our planet?

Then cewas is just the place for you!

Swiss-based cewas runs a non-profit Start-Up Programme, which supports motivated entrepreneurs-to-be in their quest of putting innovative business ideas in sanitation, water and natural resource management sustainably into practice.


The programme is divided into two phases:

•    Phase 1 (September to December): intensive advanced training in business development as well as sustainable sanitation and water management (SSWM)

•    Phase 2 (September to August): personal business coaching by international experts and interlinkage within a global high-level network.


Are you ready for the adventure?


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