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Sports in Bulgaria

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Българските спортни организации предлагат широк спектър от спортни дейности
Learn more about how the sport sector in Bulgaria is organized

Fitness is very popular in Bulgaria and fitness clubs were open all over the country. If you want to find the fitness clubs in your town, you can try to search in this catalogue.


Ministry of Physical Education and Sports defines the national strategy, the normative base, financing, international cooperation and academic research work in the field of sports.


The Bulgarian Law for Physical Education and Sport  coins the term public sport actors who directly or indirectly support, organise and conduct different activities in the field of sport. These actors are people of all generations, age and social groups, with different professions, education and qualifications and they are not remunerated for their effort. They are the main part in all management, auxiliary and especially, control organs of sport organisations taking up both senior management and executive roles.


Sport organisations are sport clubs, unified sport clubs, sport federations, sport  associations and national sport organisations. They are usually registered as legal entities with non-profit purposes according to the corresponding law.


- Sport clubs, unified sport clubs across the country provide training (from beginners to sport mastership) and competitive activities to their members according to the type of  sport chosen voluntarily by them.


- Sport federations are voluntary, self-governing unions of clubs according to the type of sport. They organise and coordinate the overall activity according to the type of sport and present the national teams in all levels. They prepare the in country and international sport calendar. Such federations are the Bulgarian Football Union and the Union of Bulgarian Automobilists, for example.


- Organisations at national level consist of the Bulgarian Association Sport for Students and the Bulgarian Tourist Union. In general, these organisations unify sport clubs, unions, federations etc. on the basis of voluntary membership and equality. The subject of their activity is defined by the statutes adopted at congresses and national conferences.


If you want to find the closest place where you can practice sport, you can use the register of sport entities   maintained by the Ministry of physical education and sports.

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