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JamBe, a world of imagination

Sint-Joris-Weert was crowded with scouts for the third edition of 'JamBe' (formerly 'Flamboree') held from 29 July to 8 August.
This year’s theme was ‘A world of imagination’.  The event immersed approximately 800 participants in a special world for ten fun-filled days  . A report of 8 sunny and 1 rainy day. Moments to cherish!
Participants came from all over the world: Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany , the United Kingdom, there were people from Israel, Thailand and pictures were taken by friends of Hong Kong.
The ten-day event included games, city trips, swimming and building impressive wooden constructions. There was also dancing, music, cooking and chocolate! But next to the fun, participants also took time to dialogue and debate about North-South issues in the Global Development Village.

Publicerad: Tor, 22/08/2013 - 15:51

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