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Youth centres, youth clubs and youth cafés

Jugendliche beim gemeinsamen Gärtnern
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School’s of course not the only place to get to know new things. A youth centre offers you a place to organise your leisure time according to your own ideas and to get active yourself instead of simply consuming of what is offered.

This means that you can’t only spend time there and hang out but that you also can try out new stuff: different kind of sports, music workshops, do-it-yourself bike repairs, growing vegetables or design your own fashion – the range of activities offered in a youth centre is really broad, activities are (mostly) free and most important: they’re fun! And without noticing you might even learn one thing or the other …


In Austria activities of youth workers in youth centres, youth clubs, youth cafés go by the name of “Open Youth Work” (“Offene Jugendarbeit”). “Open” because really everyone can join in, without any registration, and because it’s important that young people themselves can decide what is going on in their youth centre.


If you’re looking for a youth centre or club nearby, check the list provided by the Austrian National Network of Open Youth Work (bOJA). End of June every year the Day of Open Youth Work takes places with many activities throughout Austria (2013: 28. June) – a great opportunity to check out what a youth centre has to offer!