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European Youth Portal

Information and opportunities for young people across Europe.


Volunteering opportunities


Chantiers bénévoles, pour découvrir et partager

Work camps for young volunteers

Do you feel like volunteering and meeting other young people with different cultural backgrounds during the summer? Take part to the activities of a work camp for young volunteers!

In France or in an other country, work camps for young volunteers give young people an opportunity to volunteer for and commit to a project with a general interest dimension which covers one of the following themes:

  • Building
  • Heritage (renovation)
  • Protection of the environment
  • Youth work

No specific skill is required. You simply have to be very motivated. Volunteers usually commit to their project 30 hours per week.

If you are more than 18, you can volunteers abroad in this framework.

If you join a camp association, your social security will be most probably covered. You will have to cover your travelling, food and accommodation costs.