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What is democracy?

Democracy is when all powers of government originate from the people.

Democracy is a word that describes politics and how power is distributed to rule the society. Democracy is when all powers of government originate from the people. Democracy also means that each individual (with the right to vote) has equal right to influence the management of society and that we are all equal against the law and government.

Where is Democracy from? 

Democracy seems unquestionable in most european countries today. Although not everyone agrees on how to implement it from time to time. 
But thats not how it has always been. Previously, nations were ruled over by kings, religious leaders and generals. They had the power over all affairs of the community.
Likewise, the rights of the people to influence have long varied, for example, women and minorities have repeatedly been excluded from governments throughout history and around the world even to this day.
Some kind of democracy was present in ancient societies; in Ancient Greece and even in the time of the commonwealth of Iceland. However, democracy as we know it today has it’s roots in the French and American revolutions and the “thinkers” of the late 18th century, and has been in constant development ever since.
Representative democracy is the embodiment of democracy  that European nations and others have used in recent times. 
This article was written in cooperation with Áttavitinn