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Training in the UK

Carry on learning after you have finished your formal education.


If you are 16 or over, not in fulltime education and eligible to work in the UK, then you can apply for an apprenticeship.  Apprenticeships allow you to work in a specific trade from a period of 1-4 years and lets you learn on the job – while getting paid! Apprenticeships also lead to qualifications so once this is over, you will have the qualifications to work in this trade in the future. To get started and apply for an apprenticeship, you need visit one of these sites:

England -

Northern Ireland -

Scotland -

Wales -


Year in Industry

If you want to gain some work experience before you go to University, you should try the Year in Industry scheme which lets you spend a year in a paid placement before or during your degree course. Find out more by visiting


Professional and Career Development Loans

Did you know that you can apply for a low interest loan to help pay for your courses and training to help you with your career? You can find out more about this by visiting


Language Learning

Interested in learning another language. There are plenty of resources online which can help you learn a new language. Perfect for going on holiday.