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Studying in Germany

You want to come to Germany to study? Here’s the information about programmes that support you, ways of financing your time in Germany, and how you would be looked after.

Learning German, understanding the ins and outs of the German education system and the topics most valued by Germans – study time in Germany offers you all this and more, for example, lots of fun, new friends and a wealth of experience that will change the course of your life. This is why many young people from all over the world decide to study at a German university. 


Foreign students wishing to study in Germany are required to submit an application for university admission, whether they are first-year students, postgraduates or PhD students. This is to assess whether an applicant has the necessary prerequisites for study. How and where you need to apply depends on your choice of subject, where you graduated from and which university degree you are aiming towards.


Tuition at German universities tends to be in German only, therefore you will need a good command of the language. But even if you attend an international study programme, speaking German would be of great use and make living in Germany so much easier! The advantage of international bachelor, master and doctorate programmes offered at German universities is that they are usually taught in English. About half the students on these courses are from outside of Germany.


The point of contact for all those wishing to study in Germany is the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) supports exchange students before, during and after their study time abroad and information about studying in Germany is available from ESN Germany. Many foundations have their own support programmes for guest students.    


You could of course come to Germany on a shorter study visit, too – for example, many German universities offer language programmes, short courses or summer academies specifically aimed at foreign students during semester breaks.