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Save the environment a little bit every day

We have to admit it: our planet isn't doing well. It's time to think about our own lives - is there anything you could change in your everyday life?

Try one of our tips and sneak the environmentally friendly living into your life step by step. That way, it's easier not to get lazy or even let people around you protest the change before the tiny step has become a new, environmentally friendlier habit! 


Meatfree Monday (Tuesday, Wednesday, weekend...)

The simple truth is that meat production is an environmental hazard that also contributes to the lack of food for everyone. Vegetarian food is better for the planet and better for everyone. And it's pretty good, too! 


Make a decision to switch out meat, fish and poultry for vegetables, beans or another vegetarian protein one day every week. Help the person in charge of cooking by finding fun recipes and explain to the carnivores of the family that they've just taken a pretty important step towards a greener planet. 


Refuse the consumerist hysteria

Challenge yourself: try not buying anything for one, two or four weeks. How did it feel? A lot of what we buy sits around unused at home. How much money did you save and what do you want to do with them? Why not invite your former shopping buddy for coffee and challenge your friend to a shopping-free week? 


Reduce the waste

Are you still throwing milk cartons into the trash? Become the environmental hero of the family by recycling them. Yes, it takes longer, and no, it's not hard. It's like with brushing your teeth - just do it. The milk cartons become new packaging and you've contributed to reducing the waste of the planet.

Text: Miia Yliaho