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Fenntarthatósági Nap (forrás: FN6:
Fenntarthatósági Nap (forrás: FN6:

One day, for all the rest!

Hungarian Telecom organised its sustainable festival conference for the 6th time this year at the Millenáris Teátrum. The doors were opened at 11am by Peter Novák, the usual host of the Day of Sustainability. See you there next year(again)!

The Day of Sustainability that took place on the last Saturday of September invited people in public roles (artists, teachers, business people, people in the media, etc.) who significantly contributed to sustainability to give talks. The call for action for the benefit of the Earth and a better life was emphasized by the slogan of the event: ’save differently’. The goal of the organisers this year, again, was to spur as many people as possible to actively participate during the day: in discussions, exchanges of opinions, games (learning through playing) to change people’s attitudes towards one another, towards society and environmentally conscious behaviour and to offer innovative solutions in order to make everyday life more sustainable. During the Day of Sustainability, not only the theoretic part was in the limelight, but guests could get acquainted with practical solutions.


They were talking, asking, answering – close to one another

The Sustainable Media Club in the environment section was represented by Lajos Németh, meteorologist. The other two sections – the social and economic ones – hosted guests of various professions and interests: they evaluated the present situation, visualised the future and drew up solutions and opportunities for a change in lifestyles and viewpoints. Some of the topics dealt with were how the different generations can understand each other, how environmental factors can influence consumer decisions and in what direction innovation is going. Petra (24) has participated in the Day of Sustainability for the third time this year: „From year to year, the programmes are getting better and the festival is becoming better organised. The thing I like best is that we get the chance to talk to renowned lecturers just as if they were normal people or friends, so close to one another. Like this, everything becomes more personal” – she said.


There were stalls

At the Millenáris Park, there were special stalls devoted to the introduction of alternative energy and drug prevention. There was also a green shop, cardboard games, rug fashion and an environment friendly wrapping material stall. Gábor (19) liked the marketplace best that was erected in front of the Millenáris Teátrum: „You can look at everything here from electronic cars to fruit parching machines” – enthused Gábor.


There was dancing

Starting at 8 pm, the prize awarding ceremony and the optimist party closed the event. Among the performers at the concert were the Smarton Trio, the Nemjuci and the Random Trip.


We too, you too, me too…

Sustainability is something that we need to start on our own, but we can only make it a success if we join forces – therefore the Day of Sustainability represented values of community all day long. One could feel an atmosphere of „let’s hold one another’s’ hands” at the festival conference and to be able to participate in it, to play a role in it was a great feeling. We shouldn’t let empathy lose in its battle with individual interests in our everyday lives. Together, we, the residents of the planet Earth are able to carry our fantastic things! Sustainability and environment protection are movements, forces that emerge from below, initiatives bursting upwards with millions of programmes and opportunities all over the country and the world. We can change anything! Real sustainable development consists in choosing our needs taking into consideration the next generation. Everybody, according to their possibilities, can do something for the Earth. Moreover, everybody should do something! You can water your plants with collected rainwater, use burners that save energy, turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, collect rubbish separately, plug the mobile phone charger out if you are not at home, walk with a cigarette butt to the rubbish bin and ride a bike instead of driving a car. We can do something every day, we too, you too, me too…


Translated by Judit Molnár