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Internationale Jugendbegegnungen (Langfassung)

International Youth Meetings

You’ll learn a lot at an international youth meeting – such as, another language, about different cultures, and even a thing or two about yourself.

If you are curious about the world over and above what you learn at school, and you’d like to spend some time abroad, an international youth meeting in another country will tick all the right boxes. Together with young people from all over the world, you’ll be involved with a particular project or some kind of political, societal, historical or religious subject – the choice of subject matter is huge: Europe, human rights, youth culture, social participation, media, environment and much more. There are meetings on cultural themes (dance, theatre, film, music, art), sports (e.g. acrobatics), and even professional occupations (e.g. an exchange for apprentice cooks from different countries). There’s usually something for everybody.


In addition to your involvement in projects you’ll take part in an extensive programme of group-based leisure activities, including local sightseeing, sports and often some last-minute surprise ventures. No particular skills are required for participation in an international youth meeting; all you need is enthusiasm for the particular subject matter or project, and an open mind. The organization running the meeting will usually provide specific preparatory material. It would be good if you had basic knowledge of the meeting’s working language (e.g. English), although interpreters will be provided for the group if necessary. No doubt you’ll learn bits of each other’s languages as the meeting progresses. You’ll stay in group accommodation, e.g. youth hostels, campsites, etc.