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Innovation by one button

Lot of people learn only after the first crash, that the brake is an important part of the bicycle. But the next generation doesn’t have to learn from its own fault, thanks to the latest Hungarian invention. Parents can stop their children by pushing only one button.

Every parent’s nightmare when their children learn to ride a bike, and with huge dynamism race to the crowded motorway. But from now it’s enough pressing only one button, namely on the MiniBrake braking system, to stop the child.


The innovation called MiniBrake started with the cooperation of, enterprise-helper portal. The three young university students, who stand behind the idea, share the tasks equally; Marcell Szirtes is responsible for marketing, Daniel Bognar for the finance and Péter Szesztay for the production. Besides them 15 more team members work for the success. The device, invented by the three university students is revolutionary because the young children who just getting to know the bike, don’t have proper sense of danger, so they can’t realize the dangerous situations in time. The protective equipments, like helmet, kneecap and elbow protector can only reduce the power of the crash, but can’t help avoid it.


The device of the Corvinus University of Budapest’s students consist of two parts, one, the brake, goes to under the bike seat, close to the back wheel, and the other is the remote, it is in the hand of the person who take care of the child. Between the two parts there is permanent connection, the brake activate not only by pushing the button but when the battery discharges, when something blocks the radio-signal or when the bike goes off the 50 metres wide scope.


So it looks like the inventors tried to think about every case, with permanently upgrade the basic conception. They chose the place of the device precisely, braking the back wheel prevents the child fall forward because of the sudden stopping.


The two-years-long planning and testing period has come to end; the MiniBrake is ready to enter the market, so the inventor-team made important steps to collect the capital for the series production. The pre-order of the device is already available on its website only for 80 dollars, for about 18.000 Hungarian Forints, and according the plans, delivery will start in June. In addition the team tries to use the community funding, they registered the product at where the public can support the products, only little financial help can make the world a better place.


One of the best ways to make the world a better place is to take care of our children. According to this, the young team hopes that the missing amount will congregate rapidly, and the youngest can learn riding bicycle without any bruises soon.


Szőke Dániel


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