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Published: 24/05/2013 15:24

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Immigration and Integration in Luxembourg

Luxembourg State and authorities take the integration of immigrants seriously. Efforts are made to facilitate social inclusion for immigrants and their children.

integration in Luxembourg

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After the first wave of immigrants from Luxembourg to the States and Australia, Luxembourg has been a country who welcomes a big number of foreigners. Work in the European Institutions, in the banking or corporate sector  are the main reasons of immigration to Luxembourg. Asylum seekers are yet another category, and non-profit organizations like the Red Cross are trying to support such cases.


Organisations supporting social integration

ASTI Luxembourg or Association for Support of Immigrant workers is an NGO active in the field of equal rights for all. It is ready to welcoming newcomers, facilitate them with their papers and practicalities and provide educative workshops or other activities to children of immigrants. ASTI “works for a new society, rich in its diversity” and runs numerous programs, like Making Luxembourg. It also offers valuable information through websites on politics, intercultural activities and much more.


The Luxemburgish Office for reception and integration or OLAI has made its mission to coordinate the reception and integration policy, facilitate integration, fight discrimination, manage accommodation facilities and mentor applications for asylum seekers. Its social workers and other employees are at your disposal on working days and hours.