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German as a foreign language

Would you like to learn German? The following points of contact will provide you with guidance and support.

Often, young migrants find themselves faced with great difficulties in their day-to-day lives, and language can be yet another barrier. If you want to live in Germany, it would be helpful for you to learn German. Speaking and understanding the language will be invaluable when you look for jobs, when you have to fill in forms and when you want to meet new people.


One way of learning German is by joining an integration course, which includes language learning. As part of a general integration course, you’ll receive 600 hours of language teaching, and in specialist courses, up to 900 hours. The courses cover vital everyday subjects such as shopping, health, leisure time, communication and media. You’ll learn how to write letters and emails in German, fill in forms, talk on the phone or apply for jobs. Special integration courses for young people are available that deal with subjects of particular interest to young people, such as applying for vocational training.


Language courses for young people of migrant background aged 12-27 years are available from youth migration services. To find youth migration services near where you live, go to


Finding language courses

The website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the world’s largest funding organization for the international exchange of students and scholars, contains a comprehensive database of language and specialist courses in Germany. The website of “InfoWeb Weiterbildung” contains a Search engine of the Deutscher Bildungsserver for further education courses.


The largest providers of German language courses worldwide are the Goethe Institutes: you can find a Goethe Institute for learning German in 136 cities in 92 countries across the globe. Germany itself has 13 Goethe Institutes where you can learn German. Should none of them be accessible to you, feel free to enrol in a Goethe Institute distance-learning course.


Online information

The website of “Deutsche Welle” includes a section dedicated to learning German. The site also features a soap opera for learning German: “Jojo sucht das Glück”, plus online exercises such as the news read slowly as a listening exercise, and many more tools to facilitate learning German.


UK-German Connection - The Voyage has a search facility for courses and the types of exams on offer. The online resource will show you the most suitable way of studying on the Internet. And it’s not just for young Brits!