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Helping the Needy in İstanbul, Turkey!

Six volunteers spent six months helping with the work of the Aile Eğitim Derneği in İstanbul, Turkey. They came from five different countries:UK, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria.


Since May 2009 AED became accredited as a European Voluntary Service (Avrupa Gönüllü Hizmeti) hosting, sending and coordinating organization which provides the opportunity for Turkish and European young people to be actively involved in social work and gain cultural and linguistic experience from doing so. Number of past and present volunteers that AED has hosted and trained is 12 European volunteers and has provided the opportunity for 4 Turkish volunteers to go to Europe for this purpose. Here is what some of the volunteers had to say about their experiences:


I learned to appreciate the good things in my life much more by working with people, who are less fortunate.
EVS opened my eyes for the problems of other people and that it can actually be fun to help others and that things can only change when you start yourself.

Tina Kling

I experienced that helping other people gives me a lot of joy and satisfaction and that you will receive as much positive feeling for yourself as you put dedication into your volunteer work.

Angelika List

Could you imagine that some young people with different backgrounds, languages, cultures come together; they create something new to help the other people by putting all their energy, talents and ambitions. Then, there is so much joy, happiness and satisfaction. This is what EVS means for me...

Özge Şeren

After I came to Portugal, I understood what a right decision EVS is for me. To make friends from different cultures, to live in a different culture and do something as a volunteer was a very different and nice experience for me. The most effective part that EVS had on me was that young people who comes from different cultures shares a common life, works together as volunteers, every volunteer adds somethings to project from themselves and shares what they know with the other volunteers. To learn somethings from my friends here is a motivational element for the project as well. EVS is a program that, through putting a lot of cultures together provides the cultural interaction that expands volunteers perspective.

Şule Öktem