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Cyber Intervention
Cyber Intervention

Cyber Crimes and Cyber Ethics

Observing the last two decades, it seems that as the cyberspace becomes broader, cybercrimes increase significantly. It is important to be very careful with the use of electronic devices!


Our generation is mainly characterized by the improvement of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. Because of this significant development new cybercrimes have been born.


Cyber Crimes


The term “Cyber Crimes” mainly refers to cyber bulling, sexting, cyber hate, cyber stalking and the invasion of anonymity and privacy.


Cyber Bulling is a violent act with the main intention to violate someone for different reasons like sexual orientation or racism. Sexting (sex and texting) means the distribution of rude words or nude body pictures throughout the internet (email, facebook etc) or phone. ‘Cyber hate’ also may refer to the creation of online groups that are focused on violence or against a specific ethnic group.  Similarly, a cyber stalker is someone that intents to harass others electronically, mainly throughout violent messages. Finally, the invasion of anonymity or privacy means the distribution of personal sensitive information without the approval of the offender.


You must be aware of those terms in order to be able to protect yourself!


Cyber Ethics

Due to the existence of cybercrimes, ‘cyber ethics’ has been developed. Cyber Ethics consisted by ethical guidelines for the appropriate use of Internet. For this reason the Youth Board of Cyprus cooperates on a regular basis with the «Cyberethics» center, in order to organize cyberethics informative events for young people, parents and teachers. Cyberethics is the Cyprus Safer Internet Centre that encourages the safe use of the internet and it is co-funded by the European Union through the Safer Internet Programme.