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Civil Society Development Centre

The 20 months term budget of the Civil Society Development for Active Participation Project carried out by the Civil Society Development Centre and supported by the European Commission is 2.400.000 Euro.

The vision of Association of Civil Society Development Centre is a ‘Strong and Democratic Civil Society.’ 

The mission of the STGM targeting the attainment of a strong and democratic civil society is to carry out advocacy, campaign, research, training and lobbying activities in its priority target areas in order to:

  • ensure the development of participation and democracy in civil society,
  • strengthen organizational capacity and autonomy,
  • make the voice of civil society heard in decision making processes.

Objectives of the STGM include:

  1. to help civil organisations improve their work through specific studies and actions designed to fill in their gaps in information, material means and assertiveness,
  2. to develop a civil society map and database, establish communication networks, support efforts to create national NGO platforms and to encourage all forms of exchange of information and experience among NGOs,
  3. to publicize the activities of civil organisations by using the mass media and to conduct lobby activities so as to encourage initiative taking in social sphere and build further awareness,
  4. to help NGOs improve their organisational, institutional, managerial, financial and legal bases as well communication and human resources capacity by encouraging their participation to decision making processes, communication with the public at large,  involvement in international cooperation and networks for communication and information exchange,
  5. to engage in cooperation with international organisations pursuing similar ends and join networks that may contribute to its functions,
  6. develop methods to ensure the efficient, fair and principled use of support extended to NGOs.