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Career Fair in the Budapest Cultural Centre

Budapest Cultural Centre organized its career fair for students on 29th April with the collaboration of the Alliance for Youth Offices of Budapest. Visitors were provided with professional information and help to get through the jungle of job seeking.

Organizers provided useful information for students coming from secondary and higher education but young professionals were also given the opportunity to be well-informed. Young visitors could choose from many options: they could apply for part-time jobs, ask information about jobs available in Hungary or abroad, but they were also provided with professional internship opportunities and they could acquire practices for job seeking.

"Student work, community service, career guidance, internship programs, career" was a professional forum where the audience could hear lectures of the relevant professional authority. The audience had the opportunity to ask their personal questions, as well. Lectures were held by the representatives of Budapest Metropolitan Government Office, the member institutions of the Municipal Education Vocational Service of Further Education and Career Guidance, the Mayor's Office Budapest, Bridge Budapest and AIESEC Hungary as well.

Lectures provided a wide range of topics. The visitors could get insight into the world of student work where the presenter tried to shape the classical interpretation of student work. The audience could hear alternative possibilities as well such as the international volunteer programs which can be a perfect compliance of the summer holiday or the community service.


Temping Agencies specialized in the recruitment of students, offers a huge variety of student jobs. In most cases employers are keen on hiring students for ‘call center’ positions, but in extreme cases they need Bosnian translators which is a challenge for the recruitment staff but as it turned out it is not impossible.


Presenters focused on high school students to provide them useful career guidance with special respect to the National Register of Qualifications because of the inaccurate interpretation of this education form to fight against false judgments of the population. Many people are not even aware what is a profession or what kind of training they need to get the qualification. For example graduating from a course for florists offered by a community centre is not equal to finish a course officially confirmed in the National Register of Qualifications.

Although the programme of the career fair was shaped according to the students’ demand, young professionals could leave the event with useful information as well. For example what kind of social aid they can apply for if they want to avoid the payment of the health and social insurance as an unemployed young professional. Support can be requested in the competent department of the applicant’s reported address. At the end of the event, representatives of the Employment Center of Budapest promoted free trainings organized in the institution to make possible young professionals to do their best.

Vandlik Mária


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