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Anorexia y bulimia
Anorexia y bulimia

Anorexia and bulimia

Causes, consequences and treatments of the nutritious disorders

At the moment in Spain, the dysfunctions of the feeding in the youth are a "boom", in particular the bulimia is increasing in an alarming way.
The statistics are worrying because it is calculated that one of each 100 adolescents suffers nervous anorexy and 4 of each 100 have nervous bulimia.

Due to the increase of cases, porfesionals of the health have worried to investigate which  are the multiple causes that unchain the appearance of this type of dysfunctions and the most appropriate solutions. The aesthetic values in the socio-cultural means are playing an important role. The images that surround us in the media transmit us that to be socially accepted, we should be thin, what means to be socially successful.

Also the specially read magazines for women, invite with their diets to "lose weight" showing ideal and beautiful bodies. These magazines are guided a public from among 15 and 24 years, age of risk to begin a transtorno of the feeding.

Symptoms Anorexy:
Social isolation, compulsive exercise, laxatives and diuretic, terror to ascend of weight, sexual indifference, irritability, severe dysfunction of the corporal image.

Symptoms Bulimia:
Gorging of food, storage of food, avoiding social foods, unnecessary lies, low self-esteem, concealment of the illness, irritability and abrupt changes of humor.

These dysfunctions appear during the adolescence, because the adolescent is here when she will have to make a series of bereavements in those that she will go gestating who is who. It is in the search of their own road, of a new identity because he/she is no longer a boy but it is not still mature.

One of the biggest risks is to be a woman and adolescent and concretely between the 13 and the 23 years.
In a study carried out among the students of high school of Madrid, it was given that 49% of the girls was worried to lose weight and most was in favor of making diet. They are usually the women those that are unsatisfied with their physique, they "feel" fat and they want to lose weight.
In the face of the personal uneasiness, some begin a diet believing that they will be solved their problems and they will get security and trust.

It is important to distinguish among the concept of to take care that (healthy aspect) bears a normal and healthy attitude, with the fight despaired to arrive to a certain weight that eliminates, like for magic art all the problems.

They can be many the consequences of a nutritious dysfunction, from a fatal outcome until their recovery. They are usually isolated of everything that that surrounds them, relate with their friends, interests. Other times feel guilty to have left the studies, works or projects due to their weakening. As physiologic consequences, we can find the maturation lack and alteration in the ovaries and stagnation in the reproductive apparatus, ulcers esofágicas, osteoporosis..

They are several the treatments that should give as doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, endocrine, nurses. In the hospitalization, the objective is the feedback, the psychotherapy grupal, singular and relative.




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Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Alicante