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© fotolia.com - Leonid Ikan
© fotolia.com - Leonid Ikan

10 key items in suicide prevention in Finland

The National Institute for Health and Welfare recently updated its guidelines for suicide prevention. These guidelines include a list of 10 key items in suicide prevention.

1. Improving the recognition of suicide attempts and organisation of the further treatment

2. Identifying depression, offering sufficient support and effective and diverse treatment

3. During springtime heightened capacity for identifying depression and providing further treatment

4. Intensifying the prevention of alcohol and drugs use

5. Teaching problem-solving skills for crisis situations – preventing the alcohol becoming the solution

6. Recognition and prevention of suicide in psychotic disorders

7. Adding psychical and social support to treating physical disorders and illnesses

8. Adding psychical and social support to people in crisis situations

9. Preventing the exclusion of young people by providing opportunities for development of survival skills and self-confidence

10. Changing the culture of pedagogy from one of blaming, labelling and punishing to one of belief in life, courage, self-confidence, entrepreneurship and mutual support