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Updated : 14/04/2016

– Switzerland – Physiotherapists

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Common rights across EU countries

* Information not yet provided by national authorities

Only if you want to work abroad, not for study purposes.

If you have obtained your professional qualification outside the EU, you should check with the relevant authority whether you must apply to have them recognised.

Permanent stay

Documents [permanent stay]

If you wish to work as a physiotherapist in Switzerland on a permanent basis, you'll have to submit the following documents:

  • completed application form (ask the responsible authority to send it to you - the form is not available online)
  • certified copy of your qualification
  • confirmation that you are fully authorised to practice in your home country - or any other EU country, Iceland, Lichtenstein or Norway
  • employer's certificate confirming your professional experience
  • registration card / certificate of current membership in registration authority from the country where you are practising
    If registration is not compulsory, you must submit a current membership card/certificate/letter of eligibility for membership from your national professional body
  • details of your education (duration, content, etc.).

All documents must be in German, French, Italian or English. You can submit documents in other languages, but each must be accompanied by a certified translation, provided by an officially recognised translator from any EU country - or Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland.

If the documents you submit are copies, they must be certified – by the authority that delivered the original document, a consulate/embassy or a public notary.

Responsible authority [permanent stay]

Schweizerisches Rotes Kreuz
Swiss Red Cross
Werkstrasse 18
Tel.: + 41 0900 733 276
Website Deutsch

When can you expect an answer? [permanent stay]

Once you have sent your documents, the authorities have:

  • 1 month (from the time they receive your application) to acknowledge receipt and either confirm it is complete or ask you for any other documents they require
  • 4 months to take a decision – from the time they have a complete application in their possession.

Cost [permanent stay]

Between CHF 500 and 940 (approx. €410 – €780). You will receive a bill and the payment instructions together with the application form.

Temporary stay

Documents [temporary stay]

Switzerland does not apply the EU laws on temporary provision of services. However, under an agreement with the EU, you can work in Switzerland occasionally for a maximum of 90 working days a year.

If you want to do this, you'll have to send the same documents as if you wanted to work there permanently (click on the "permanent stay" tab).

When can you expect an answer? [temporary stay]

Not applicable.

Responsible authority [temporary stay]

Not applicable.

Cost [temporary stay]

Not applicable.

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