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Registration – Portugal

Updated : 10/01/2013

Car registration and taxes

Car registration and taxes

Vehicle registration rules for new residents

As a resident in an EU country, you can register your vehicle in Portugal without transferring your residence, within 20 working days of the vehicle's entry into the country, by contacting customs.

Steps to follow [41 KB]

Tax exemptions on vehicle registration for new residents

To qualify for tax exemption you must be

  • over 18
  • authorised to drive
  • transferring your residence to Portugal from another country (inside or outside the EU) português

Conditions to qualify for tax exemption, e.g. deadlines

You must provide the following documentation:

  • Proof that you are transferring your residence to Portugal from another country where you have lived for at least 12 consecutive months (or 12 non-consecutive months in countries that limit the duration of stay)
  • Proof of nationality, of your activity in the country you are leaving, and of any contractual ties and their duration.
  • Proof that you own the vehicle (registration certificate)

The vehicle you are registering must:

  • have a non-temporary license plate of another EU country and be registered in the name of a person who is not resident in Portugal;
  • be owned by you and be brought to Portugal for your private use.

You must apply for exemption within six months of transferring your residence to Portugal. português

Vehicle registration costs

Tax simulator português(Portuguese only)

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