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Registration – Malta

Updated : 10/01/2013

Car registration and taxes

Car registration and taxes

Vehicle registration rules for new residents

You must register your vehicle within 20 days of settling in Malta.

Tax exemptions on vehicle registration for new residents in Malta

Under the transfer-of-residence scheme, new residents are exempt from registration tax.

Conditions to qualify for tax exemption, e.g. deadlines

1.     You have lived outside Malta for more than 24 consecutive months before becoming resident there.

2.     You have owned and used your car for at least 24 months before becoming resident in Malta.

3.     The vehicle is registered in your name or that of your spouse.

4.     You (or your spouse, as the case may be) hold a valid driving licence.

5.     You apply on the form provided by the relevant Maltese authority within 7 days of the vehicle’s arrival in Malta.

See: Exemptions and Relief from Vehicle Registration Tax

Vehicle registration taxes

- registration tax

- 18% VAT on sale price of vehicle (excluding registration tax)

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