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Updated : 10/01/2013

Car registration documents and formalities – Poland

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How often must vehicles undergo roadworthiness tests in Poland?

This depends on the class of vehicle.

For vehicles of class M1, N1,O1, O2, L3e, L4e, L5e:

- 3 years after 1st registration

- 2 years after 1st test

- thereafter, every year

For vehicles of class M2, M3:

- 1 year after 1st registration

- 5 years after 1st test

- thereafter, every 5 years

T, L1e, L2e:

- 3 years after 1st registration

- thereafter, every 2 years

Must a roadworthiness test be conducted each time a vehicle changes owners?

No, provided the vehicle has a valid roadworthiness certificate.

Do the Polish authorities require a roadworthiness test when a new resident from another EU/EFTA country registers their car?

Only if the car does not have a valid roadworthiness certificate (issued by a recognised authority).

What does a roadworthiness test in Poland  typically consist of?

The test is based on the requirements of Directive 2009/40/EC, with extra requirements for emissions and brake systems.

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