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Updated : 01/03/2017

Car registration documents and formalities – Netherlands

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Roadworthiness tests

If you buy a new car in the Netherlands, you must have it checked for roadworthiness 4 years from the date of its initial roadworthiness check and registration.

If you have a used car of 4 years or older in the Netherlands, you must have it tested for roadworthiness. Initially two times every two years after the date of the last roadworthiness check after this period the car will have to be tested every year.

A roadworthiness test doesn't have to be conducted each time a vehicle changes owner as the age of the car as described above determines when it needs to be tested.

If you register your car as a new resident in the Netherlands, moving from another EU country, you don't have to take the roadworthiness test, but you will have to have it pass the "invoerkeuring" (import inspection).

Contact body for roadworthiness tests: RDW

To ensure your vehicle and its equipment function correctly and comply with safety standards, it must undergo the regular roadworthiness tests, which generally comprise the following checks:

  • efficiency of windscreen wipers and if any of the windows or mirrors are broken
  • lights – indicators, hazard lights, brake, reverse, licence plate and fog lights
  • headlights – position of dipped-beam and main-beam
  • tyres – tread depth ≥ 1.6 mm
  • rear-view mirrors – reflecting surface, fixation and adjustment
  • correct functioning of safety belts
  • and all other functions and features described on RDW website.


Procedure for:

- initial registration

You can register your vehicle at a post point in the town where you are resident. If you do not have a Dutch ID card then you will need to go to the RDW office with proof that you are registered in your municipality "Uittreksel Basisregistratie personen".

To register an imported vehicle (new or used), you must submit the following documents:

  1. new vehicle: as a minimum complete the foreign registration papers as well as the European declaration of conformity
  2. used vehicle: as a minimum complete the foreign registration papers as well as the European declaration of conformity

- renewal

You do not need to renew your registration in the Netherlands.

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