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Updated : 10/01/2013

Car registration documents and formalities – Ireland

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How often must vehicles undergo roadworthiness tests in Ireland?

Cars & mobile homes

  • 4 years after the initial registration.
  • Then tests at 6, 8 and 10 years.
  • From 11 years on – test every year.

All other vehicles

Must pass the test every year (starting 1 year after registration).

Must a roadworthiness test be conducted each time a vehicle changes owners?


Do the Irish authorities require a roadworthiness test when a new resident from another EU/EFTA country registers their car?

Yes – if a car is more than 4 years old, it must be tested as soon as it is registered with the vehicle registration authority (Revenue Commissioners).

After this, the car must be tested every year, at the latest on the anniversary of 1st registration in Ireland.

Imported cars less than 4 years old will be due for their 1st roadworthiness test 4 years after their initial registration, regardless of the country of origin.

What does a roadworthiness test in Ireland typically consist of?

The tests essentially cover all the standard aspects of roadworthiness.

Irish roadworthiness test –aspects covered.

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