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Updated : 14/01/2013

Car registration documents and formalities – Finland

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How often must vehicles undergo roadworthiness tests in Finland?

New cars: after 3 years

Thereafter: annually

Must a roadworthiness test be conducted each time a vehicle changes owners?


Do the Finnish authorities require a roadworthiness test when a new resident from another EU/EFTA country registers their car?

Yes. All vehicles must undergo inspection when first registered in Finland, irrespective of the owner’s nationality.

What does a roadworthiness test in Finland typically consist of?

- Detailed technical inspection and testing for safety in traffic and exhaust levels.

- Any deficiencies must be remedied and the vehicle resubmitted for inspection, typically within 2-3 weeks.

- The vehicle may be used between inspections, but if it fails the re-inspection test, it may no longer be driven until it passes the inspection.

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