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Updated : 18/06/2015

FAQs - Travellers with reduced mobility

  • Can I take my wheelchair or crutches with me onboard an aircraft?

    YES - You can take up to two personal-assistance devices with you (e.g. a wheelchair and a pair of crutches ).

  • I am disabled and will need assistance when flying from Dublin to Frankfurt.  Must I present a medical certificate to obtain free assistance at the airport and on board?

    NO - You can be required to present a medical certificate only if your health and safety or the health and safety of other passengers or crew members might be at risk.

  • I am an older person and anticipate that I will need assistance at the airport when I travel to Paris from London.  Should I contact the airline in advance to ask for this?

    YES - You should tell the air carrier at least 48 hours prior to your departure to ensure that appropriate assistance is available for you.

  • I am a wheelchair user.  Are rail transport companies obliged to provide information on the accessibility of their services?

    YES - Rail companies, ticket vendors and tour operators must make information on access to rail transport services, access to passenger coaches and facilities on board easily available.

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