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Updated : 01/02/2012


Your right to information

Online sellers in the EU are required to give you the following information before you make any purchases:

  • trader’s postal and email address
  • main characteristics of the goods or services
  • total price of the goods or services, including all taxes
  • delivery costs
  • payment arrangements
  • whether or not you have a right of withdrawal from the contract
  • validity period of the offer or price
  • minimum duration of the contract.

This applies to purchases from registered online traders, but not to purchases made through online auction sites.

It is always good to check where the online seller is registered, as your EU rights only apply with sellers registered in the EU. An internet address ending “.eu”, “.ie”, or “”, and so on, does not guarantee that the seller is based in the EU.

Help and advice

Help and advice

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In this case, the 27 EU member states + Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

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