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Workers and pensioners – Faq

Updated : 11/06/2014

Non-EU family members

FAQs Non-EU family members

  • If I go to another EU country to work for a month, does my non-EU wife, who will be coming with me, have to undertake any formalities?

    NO – To live with you there for less than 3 months, she does not need to register with the authorities, though she might be asked to report her presence. However, she should carry a valid passport at all times - this is sufficient to give her right of residence.

  • I'm German and going to work as a doctor in Holland. My registered partner, who's Mexican, will be coming with me. Will she be treated as my spouse for the purpose of residence formalities?

    YES - When it comes to residence rights, registered partners enjoy full rights in Holland. The formalities will be the same as if you were married.

    However, not all EU countries treat registered partners in the same way – in these countries, your partner's right to stay is not automatic and will be assessed by the national authorities on a case-by-case basis.

  • I'm a Bulgarian doctor and have found a job in a Hungarian hospital. My half-brother, a Russian national who's been living with me and my parents in Bulgaria since he was a child, would like to accompany me to Budapest. Does he have an automatic right of residence in Hungary, as a family member of an EU national?

    NO – Because he is not your dependent direct ascendant or descendant but if the Hungarian authorities refuse residence, they must justify it, which they can do only after extensive research into your personal relationship with your half-brother.

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