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Updated : 23/06/2015

FAQs - Students' non-EU family

  • I am Japanese, living in Sweden in a registered partnership with a Swedish man, together with my son (23) from a previous marriage. My partner decided to study for a Master's degree in Iceland and I'd like to go with him, along with my son. My son is a Japanese national and a student, dependent on us. Will he get a residence card in Iceland?

    YES – (As the child of the partner of an EU national) because as a student he's dependent on you, even though he's over 21.

  • I'm going to Holland for a 1-month language course. My same-sex wife, a non-EU national, who I married in Belgium, is coming with me. Does she have to go through any formalities?

    NO – In the Netherlands, she'll be treated the same as any other spouse.

    For a stay of less than 3 months, all she needs is a valid passport (though she might also need a visa, depending which country she's from).

    She might also have to report her presence in the country and should carry her passport at all times.

  • I'm a Romanian student, studying in Norway for a year. My parents (Moldovan nationals) would like to come and live with me for the duration of my studies. Do they have an automatic right of residence in Norway, as parents of an EU national?

    NO – But you can ask the Norwegian authorities to consider their application. If the Norwegian authorities refuse residence, they must justify their refusal, which they can only do after extensive research into your personal circumstances.

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