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Jobseekers – FAQ

Updated : 22/10/2013

Residence rights for jobseekers abroad

FAQ - Residence rights for jobseekers abroad

  • I'm Irish, and moved to Holland to look for work there. After being in Amsterdam for 3 months, I was told by the local authorities that I have to register my residence. Because I'm looking for a job, shouldn't I be exempt from compulsory registration? I still have 4 interviews planned and am not sure I'll be staying on longer in Holland if I don't find work in 2 months.

    YES — you're right. If you're looking for work, you can stay without registering your residence for up to 6 months.

  • I'm a Spanish cook who became unemployed in Austria. I was diagnosed with a "frozen shoulder", which makes me unable to work. My doctors say I will need rehabilitation therapy for at least one year. Can I continue to stay in Austria and follow my therapy there?

    YES — Since you are temporarily unable to work due to illness, you can stay in Austria for as long as this condition continues.

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