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Updated : 23/06/2015

FAQs - Residence rights for jobseekers abroad

  • I am Czech and I would like to move to Austria to look for a job there. How long can I stay there before I find a job?

    As an unemployed jobseeker, you are allowed to stay in Austria for at least 6 months.
    You will be allowed to stay longer, even if you do not have any income or unemployment benefits from your home country, as long as you can show that you are genuinely looking for a job and have a real chance of finding one. You can prove this with, for instance, copies of job applications, invitations to interviews or positive reactions to your applications. 

  • I'm Irish, and moved to Holland to look for work there. After being in Amsterdam for 3 months, I was told by the local authorities that I have to register my residence. Because I'm looking for a job, shouldn't I be exempt from compulsory registration? I still have 4 interviews planned and am not sure I'll be staying on longer in Holland if I don't find work in 2 months.

    YES — you're right. If you're looking for work, you can stay without registering your residence for up to 6 months.

  • I am Polish, and have lost my job in Spain. Can I be expelled from the country?

    NO - as long as you have registered as involuntarily unemployed with the public employment services, or have begun vocational training. In these cases you retain your status of worker - at least for six months, if you worked less than a year. The same applies if you are temporarily unable to work as a result of an illness or accident.

    In any case, you retain the right of residence if you have sufficient resources and comprehensive sickness insurance or if you have lived in the country for over 5 years (permanent residence).

  • I'm a Spanish cook who became unemployed in Austria. I was diagnosed with a "frozen shoulder", which makes me unable to work. My doctors say I will need rehabilitation therapy for at least one year. Can I continue to stay in Austria and follow my therapy there?

    YES — Since you are temporarily unable to work due to illness, you can stay in Austria for as long as this condition continues.

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