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Updated : 26/04/2017

Registering your EU family members in another EU country

Your family members who are EU nationals can stay in your host EU country under the same administrative conditions that apply to you. Check conditions and formalities for:

Alternatively, they can rely on being your family members. They will then need the following documents to obtain their registration certificate from the town hall or local police station:

  • valid national identity card or passport
  • your registration certificate or other proof of your residence in that country
  • proof of the family relationship with you (such as a marriage or birth certificate)
  • for (grand)children, proof they are under 21 or dependent on you
  • for (grand)parents, proof that they are dependent on you
  • for other family members, proof that they are dependent on you or there are serious health grounds requiring you to take personal care of them
  • for unmarried partners, proof of a long-term or durable relationship with you

No other documents may be requested.

The registration certificate will be issued immediately for your spouse, (grand)children and (grand)parents. For other relatives, the authorities should make their decision to issue a registration certificate or not as soon as possible.

The registration certificate should cost no more than nationals pay for identity cards or similar documents.

It should be valid indefinitely (does not have to be renewed), though any change of address may need to be reported to the local authorities.

Find out where and how to register your EU family members in your host country:

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If your family members are required to register, they may be fined for not doing so but may continue to live in the country and cannot be expelled just for this.

In many countries, your family members will need to carry their registration certificate and identity card/passport at all times. If they leave them at home, they may be fined but can't be expelled just for this.

If you have problems getting a registration certificate for your family members, you can call on our assistance services.

See also how to have a residence card issued for your non-EU family members .

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