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Planned treatment

Updated : 12/2011

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  • Could my health insurer refuse to authorise my planned medical treatment abroad?

    YES - If the treatment you seek is available in your own country within a medically acceptable time limit.  However, your health insurer must authorise it if your statutory health care system cannot provide the care within a medically acceptable time limit, in view of your state of health and the progression of your illness, or if the treatment you seek is covered by your health insurance but not available in your home country.

  • I am going abroad for planned medical treatment authorised by my health insurer.  What level of reimbursement can I expect?

    If for some reasons you have borne all or part of the cost of the medical treatment yourself, you will be reimbursed at the rate applied in the country where you receive treatment. If the reimbursement in the country where you received treatment is lower than in your home country, your home insurer will, upon your request, reimburse you the difference. However, you will never be reimbursed more than you have actually paid.

  • My retired mother is coming from another EU country to stay with me for some months. She needs an operation. What formalities must we complete so that she can have the operation in the country where I live?  

    If your mother is a legal resident in an EU country but would like to seek treatment in another, she must ask her health insurer for prior authorisation to receive medical care abroad, so she can have the costs reimbursed.  In the event of an unforeseen medical emergency during her stay abroad, your mother could rely on her European Health Insurance Card.

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