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Updated : 28/02/2017

Planned medical treatment abroad

You have a right to medical treatment in another EU country on the same terms and at the same cost as people living in that country.

However, some countries may restrict access to certain types of healthcare. To see what restrictions apply, if any, contact the National Contact Point for the country where you want to be treated.

You may also be able to get some or all of your costs covered. Read more about expenses and reimbursements for your planned medical treatment.

Make sure you use the right form for your social security rights.

How to organise your treatment abroad

To find a hospital, medical establishment, or other healthcare provider offering the treatment you need in another EU country, you can:

Before going abroad for treatment:

Be aware that healthcare systems in other EU countries may not work in the same way as healthcare in your home country.

For detailed information on your rights, country by country, check the European Commission guides to national social security systems.

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