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Updated : 04/04/2016



If you are planning to adopt a child from an EU country other than the one where you live, be aware that there are no uniform rules applicable in all EU countries (every country applies its own rules).

So for information on procedures and requirements for adoption and who can apply to adopt, you must contact the authorities in the country concerned.

All EU countries do, however, share certain principles enshrined in international conventions on adoption. You must ensure that:

  • the adoption is granted by a court or administrative authority
  • if alive, the child's biological parents freely agree to the adoption
  • the adoption is decided in the interest of the child.

And in most (but not all) countries, the child will be able to acquire your surname and nationality and the same inheritance rights as a biological child.

As an adoptive parent, you will have the same rights and obligations towards your child as any other parent.

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In this case, the 27 EU member states + Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

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